About Us


Who We Are?

We are education and custom research consultants and practitioners. Our company - YaduCa Inc. - is a Canadian company which was created to fulfil a need for high quality professional services. Our holistic, realistic, systematic and forward looking approach helps our clients to take informed decisions about their future education and career. We are transparent and purposeful in our guidance; and provide tailored solutions based on client needs and aspirations. We are partners in our clients educational journey.

What We Do?

  • We work with individuals, families, professionals and institutions; and assist them in taking decisions regarding education, training, career and settlement services in Canada.
  • We conduct custom market research and carry out project evaluation for our clients.
  • We foster institutional collaborations.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced knowledge of higher education, education pathways, research, hot courses and student perspectives
  • Thorough understanding of Canadian education, labour market and immigration landscape
  • Awareness of educational, socio-cultural preferences and values of students and parents from India, Canada and many other countries
  • Long diverse experience – both local and international – of self education and work
  • Connected with relevant stakeholders and well integrated into education and innovation ecosystem
  • Possess excellent communication skills as per client preference and ability

Expert Advisory Team

Our executive and advisory team comprises of experts from a wide range of disciplines. They include academicians, administrators, counsellors, and finance, accounts, real estate, and immigration professionals. They are creative thinkers and are committed to providing appropriate guidance and critique. They are vastly experienced and have local and global perspectives. They understand the Canadian, Indian and international markets as related to education, research and administrative systems. 

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Services we provide

For students

  • Pre-Admission: counselling, assessment, program/institution selection
  • Admission support: application, study permit/visa, pre-departure readiness
  • Post-Admission/Arrival: pick-up, accommodation, career planning, work permit, immigration

For institutions

  • Student recruitment and pre-screening
  • Partnership facilitation
  • Custom research & program evaluation
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Process we follow

Basic approach

  • Holistic, systematic and progressive (individual plan)
  • Interactive, innovative and transparent
  • Futuristic, , evidence based
  • Focused and target oriented

Procedural stages

  • Education pathways for students
  • For institutions
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Our Partners

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