Our Process

Basic approach

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  • Holistic, systematic and progressive 

  • Interactive and innovative

  • Transparent, involved and multi-level

  • Futuristic and short/ long-term 

  • Evidence based

  • Focused and target oriented

Procedural steps

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We follow a systematic process to assess each case carefully and develop a step by step plan of action. 

  • Steps for students

  • Steps for institutions
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Education pathways

Many choices are available for individuals to pursue higher education. Deciding the right path forward depends on a number of factors. We have the expertise to help you in narrowing down and finally choosing the right path for you. 
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Costs and timelines

Our charges depend on the service we provide. We also bundle many services together and come up with different packages.

We prefer to start working with you much in advance in order to prepare a robust application for you. More time we get to prepare your case, the better is the chance of success.  
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