Services for Students


Pre-Admission Services

Admission Services

Post-Admission /Arrival Services

Information sharing and Counselling: 

This is the initial interaction between the student, parent or other person, and our representative. The key facets of this stage are:

Understanding student’s personal situation:

 Student and/or parent provides background information (educational qualifications, marks, subjects, age, extracurricular activities and work experience, specific interests and goals, aspiration, long-term plan, if any).  Sharing our information: We explain our vision, customer approach, work style, scope and types of services available, and method of service delivery.

Destination information: 

The student/parent is provided with high level information on the country, available educational options, work and living opportunities.

Assessing student’s profile:

Based on student’s background information, interests and future goals, an assessment is made about the potential best-fit academic programs and institutions that align closely with client’s profile and objectives. Special consideration is given to analyse student’s position on completion of his/her study program vis-a-vis the projected labour market situation at that time.

Deciding academic program(s) and institution(s):

The student and our representative (counsellor) discuss the assessment report in view of client’s personal preferences, pros and cons of different academic options, admission criteria, costs, financial capability and future prospects. The assessment report helps the student/parent to take an informed decision about their program of study.

Organizing reconnaissance visits: 

We can arrange a tour for you (individual or group) to visit the destination cities, universities and colleges, where you get an opportunity to see the place and its culture. Such visits provide an opportunity to interact with faculty members, current students, community members and business leaders.

Admission support:

Once a student has decided on one or more academic programs to pursue further, we guide and help him/her in securing admission in the selected program and institution. Such guidance and help include: • Information about admission procedure and requirements • Prepare application according to institutional instructions • Preparation of personal statement and references • Application submission and attending to enquiries • Interview preparation, if any • Helping with payment of fees,  opening of bank account • Guiding on finding accommodation

Study Permit/Visa: 

Once the student has secured admission in an institution and has received a Letter of Acceptance, we help the student in getting a Study Permit (Study Visa). Our immigration partners will prepare and submit the visa application on your behalf. They handle any questions and requirements from visa office.

Pre-departure readiness:

 We coach the student in getting ready to fly off to the study destination. This may include information on important requirements at a new place, travel, timelines, likely situation/questions at the time of landing at airport and process to be followed upon arrival.

Arrival logistics and initial settlement: 

Adjusting in a new place/country and to s different culture can be challenging. We offer assistance to make your transition to a new place less challenging. We can do that in a number of ways. • Receive you at the airport and drop off to your destination location, if driving distance is reasonable. For longer distances, you may have to use a bus/train/flight service. • Give you an orientation of the place you are going to study and live. Generally the orientation covers topics such as living conditions, places of interest (community, cultural, religious, country embassy/consulate), interaction with local people, marketplace, public transit, banks, information on governmental programs and services available to international students and their rights and responsibilities, landlord-tenant regulation, etc.

Specialized Services: 

These services are aimed to prepare the student towards achieving his/her long-term goal. They add to students capabilities and help in keeping them focused on the current task and future goal as identified in during pre-admission counselling. We think these services are crucial for the success and should be planned in advance.
Career planning and settlement guidance: 
These include employment enhancement strategies, labour market and occupations in demand with industry specific data, job search techniques and assistance with resumes and interviews. We organise regular networking sessions for our students where they can interact and meet other students, industry experts, academic and business leaders. These networking sessions are very useful and help students in making connections and learning from others’ experiences. Some of the experts and leaders have undergone a similar path, when they themselves came as international students.
Financial planning: 
The students learn about local financial market place – statutory regulatory bodies, financial institutions and instruments, insurance and tax laws and regulations.
Entrepreneurship and business planning: 
We help our students and other clients in understanding the local business opportunities and procedures to set a business including business registration, accounts and taxes. o Immigration services: Our immigration partners and experts can help you in understanding the different immigration pathways to come up with a comprehensive personalized plan outlining the best route to get permanent residence and/or citizenship.